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Accurate Speech Inc. is a privately owned speech therapy practice providing individualized and group, speech, language and social communication services to children in need. In addition, we provide accent reduction. All therapy and accent reduction programs are tailored to meet individual needs. Our staff consists of licensed and certified Speech – Language Pathologists who specialize in working with children. We are dedicated to improving communication.

Accurate Speech Therapy Services & Groups

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Our Mission Statement

At Accurate Speech we recognize that being able to communicate is an essential aspect of daily living. When there is an impairment in the understanding and/or use of speech and language, effective communication can be impeded. This can have a negative impact on social, emotional and/or cognitive development. Our mission is to work with your child with knowledge and compassion to improve speech and language where it is needed. We strongly believe in the power of communication! Most importantly, we believe in our clients. We work to help them achieve their potential!

Accurate Speech Therapy – Services


Accurate Speech Therapy provides individualized speech therapy sessions for children with speech and language delays. The sessions are typically, 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length based on the needs of the client. At Accurate Speech Therapy we pride ourselves with providing your child effective, creative and motivating sessions. Rest assured, we dedicate time to listening to and talking with our caregivers about their childs goals, progress and areas addressed in each session. In addition, Accurate Speech Therapy provides practical suggestions for carryover of developing skills, when appropriate. The following includes many of the types of disorders we treat: apraxia/dyspraxia, articulation, phonological processing disorder, autism, fluency disorders, receptive language delays, expressive language delays, Downs Syndrome and social communication/pragmatic delays.


Consultations are offered at Accurate Speech Therapy in our office or via telephone. We also provide consultations for your childs IEP (Individualized Education Plan). We can help you understand the IEP process and provide suggestions for goals prior to the meeting or after the event, if you still have questions. We are available to attend IEP meeting to ensure that the needs of your child are being addressed as a team in the school setting, private therapy and at home. Success is more likely when everyone is working together! Screenings are provided to determine whether your child’s speech/language development is within age expected levels of development.


The Interactive Metronome (IM) is a therapeutic assessment and training program that integrates sight, sound and physical movements to improve: working memory, attention, processing, sequencing and motor coordination. This program can benefit children with delays in speech and language, cognition and physical development. This includes but is not limited to children demonstrating: Speech and Language Delays, ADHD, Dyslexia, Stuttering, Aspergers, Autism, CAPD, NVLD and Cerebral Palsy.

Accurate Speech Therapy, Inc. has been providing Interactive Metronome training since 2004. Accurate Speech Therapy Instructors are trained, certified and are excited to be implementing the new IM Universe 9.0 version. To obtain detailed information about this program, please call our office at (440) 895-1309.


Using the Compton P-ESL Program, this program is designed to help improve the understanding of your spoken English. Individual and group programs are available. All programs are personalized to meet your specific needs. All instructors are trained and certified. Personal accent reduction services are provided at our location. For Corporate and when working with companies, arrangements can be made to provide training at your facility.

Our staff at Accurate Speech Therapy consists of licensed and certified Speech – Language Pathologists. Accurate Speech is also a Certified Member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

School Will Be Out Soon. Do You Know What Your Child Will Be Doing?

Accurate Speech Has Summer Activities For Kids Ages 2 – 18!


Accurate Speech Therapy – Social Skills – Groups – Camp L.U.C.K.Y.


Enhance your childs social interactions, self-awareness, language development and speech production skills every other Saturday for hour-long groups. Your childs social skills are developed at our location and/or at designated areas within the community. Off-site locations provide the opportunity for socializing while participating in activities of daily living. Children between the developmental ages of two and eighteen will be included in a group of four to six children according to their strengths and needs.

Our groups include, but are not limited to; children demonstrating difficulty expressing ideas, asking questions, interacting with others, expressing emotions, speaking clearly, organizing thoughts and problem solving.


Accurate Speech is excited to be offering a fun and much needed talking and listening group for children between the developmental ages of 3 to 6 years old. Talking Time is designed to improve your child’s speech, language, social development and listening skills.  Talking Time is limited to a maximum number of 6 children per group. Each session brings with it a new theme! Call Accurate Speech at (440) 895-1309 for details or to reserve your spot!


School is out for the day or week. Now what? Don’t worry, the learning, socializing, and talking with peers continues when “friends” come together at Accurate Speech. Relevant themes are incorporated into Vacation Fun while speech, oral/written language, vocabulary, listening and socializing are emphasized (kids don’t even realize that part because they are have way too much fun!). Maximum 8 children per session. Dates and times to be announced. Call Accurate Speech Therapy at (440) 895-1309 for details or to reserve your spot!

CAMP L.U.C.K.Y. (Language Unlocks Communication for Kids. Yes!)

Camp L.U.C.K.Y. (Language Unlocks Communication for Kids. Yes!) is our very popular summer camp for children who demonstrate delays in the area of social skills, language and speech. Camp L.U.C.K.Y. is offered to all children between the developmental ages of 2 to 5 years of age who need to improve their social skills and/or speech/language development. Our campers may need to improve: eye-contact, sharing, turn-taking, staying on topic, maintaining a conversation, empathy, and/or the overall intelligibility of speech. We address IEP (Individualized Education Plan) goals if needed. We work closely with Ohio school districts to help them meet the needs of their students during the summer and throughout the school year if requested. Camp L.U.C.K.Y is highly specialized to meet the individual needs within a group setting. The maximum number of children per group is six. Each week presents a new and exciting theme that children of all ages truly enjoy but most importantly benefit from! Call Accurate Speech Therapy at (440) 895-1309 for details or to reserve your spot!

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