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About Accurate Speech Therapy

Accurate Speech Inc. is a privately owned clinic located in Fairview Park, Ohio providing pediatric speech and language therapy. In addition, we provide select services for adults. All of our speech pathologists have experience in both clinical and school-based settings working with children who exhibit a variety of communication disorders, including those who have Downs Syndrome, Autism, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, and a variety of other syndromes. Our goal is to develop and improve communication skills that are essential for activities of daily living, social interactions and academic success.

We recognize that our clients have individual needs and provide therapy accordingly. Our philosophy is to empower our clients by improving their communication.

Accurate Speech Inc. provides individualized speech therapy sessions and evaluations for children with communication delays in the areas of: Phonological Disorders, Fluency, Receptive/Expressive Language, Auditory Processing, Pragmatic Language, Apraxia/Dysarthria, Articulation, and Social Communication.

Our referrals typically come from: doctors, parents, grandparents and school districts. We value our clients and ensure top quality therapy and sensitivity to your child’s needs.

Our Speech Therapy Services & Groups

Speech Therapy
Interactive Metronome
Accent Reduction
Social Skills Enhancement
Camp L.U.C.K.Y.
Talking Time
Vacation Fun - EVERY January
Online Speech Therapy/Telepractice

Judy Ruggiero Ptaszek MS-CCC/SLP

Judy Ruggiero-Ptaszek MS-CCC/SLP

Judy Ruggiero Ptaszek graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois with a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She has spent most of her career working with preschool through high school aged children in public schools in Illinois and Ohio.  In 1998, Judy established Accurate Speech Inc. to provide speech and language therapy, social skills training and language camps to children in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. Judy’s areas of interest include Autism Spectrum Disorders, apraxia of speech, phonological disorders, articulation delays and language disorders. She has her Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and is an Ohio licensed speech pathologist. Judy has received training in Oral-Motor Intervention, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the Picture Exchange for Communication System (PECS), Attention Deficit Disorders, Phonological Development, fluency and language development. Judy is a certified trainer for the Interactive Metronome and the Compton-ESL Accent Reduction Program

Christine Stives MS-CCC/SLP

Christine Stives MS-CCC/SLP

Diana Ruggiero MS-CFY/SLP

Diana Ruggiero MS-CFY/SLP

Susan Dawson MS-CCC/SLP

Susan Dawson MS-CCC/SLP

Melinda Rini MA-CCC/SLP

Melinda Rini MA-CCC/SLP

Jessica Kent MA-CCC/SLP/TEFL

Our Mission Statement

At Accurate Speech we recognize that being able to communicate is an essential aspect of daily living. When there is an impairment in the understanding and/or use of speech and language, effective communication can be impeded. This can have a negative impact on social, emotional and/or cognitive development. Our mission is to work with your child with knowledge and compassion to improve speech and language where it is needed. We strongly believe in the power of communication!

Most importantly, we believe in our clients. We work to help them achieve their potential!

A Sample Listing of Some of The Insurance We Work With

Insurance providers listed below are subject to change and is only a partial listing.In addition to insurance, we accept NEON and The Autism Scholarship fund. Please call our office for more details.

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